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About Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is a Nashville bakery specializing in Southern-style pies. Known for its delicious recipes and fast, friendly service, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop offers various pastries to suit anyone’s taste.


What Makes Us Different


At Buttermilk Sky Pie shop, we take pride in the tradition of Southern pie making. Each one of our delicacies is made with fresh quality ingredients. Our selection of pies is second to none, and we offer many delicious flavors. You won’t find anything like our Buttermilk Pie anywhere else. We take pride in our quality of service and being a local, family-owned business.


Our Story


Founded by Mutola Bryant in 2006, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop started as a catering company providing all types of baked goods to local music artists, musicians, and celebrities. Our catering business grew and but the desire to start a bakery. Our first store opened in 2007.


What are My Options?


If you have visited our retail store, you would have enjoyed one of our pies. We have found that providing custom pies and catering services to many clients has led us to excellent repeat business. Our pies are made fresh daily so be confident that your order will be the best tasting pie possible. We have various flavors to choose from but only offer a few for retail purchases.


Restaurant Hours:


Monday–Thursday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm.


Friday and Saturday 9:30 am – 8:30 pm


Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm


buttermilk sky pie

The Taste of Southern Tradition


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop was founded on exquisite pastry and savory southern recipes. Initially, Buttermilk Sky catered events around the city, serving various decadent signature desserts to celebrities, artists, and anybody looking for that extra special treat. It wasn’t long before the inspiration for a brick-and-mortar store began to take hold. With the help of family and friends, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop opened its doors in December of 2007 with a beautiful collection of cakes, cookies, and pies.


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is now regarded as one of Nashville’s premier bakeries. We have been featured on the Food Network’s Unique Eats, voted a top 25 pie in the US by MSN travel, and chosen as “Best Bakery” three years running by The Nashville Scene. Our success is due in large part to the quality of our products. We pride ourselves on making everything from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. You won’t find preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers at Buttermilk Sky.


Serving the community is just as crucial as providing tasty treats. We have focused on providing the best quality items and excellent customer service. We believe businesses should be a part of the community they serve. That’s why we sponsor multiple charity groups each year and donate safe food to others in need.


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is located at 2111 Church Street in Nashville, TN 37203. We are open every day except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve.


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop Menu


Last year, my family and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend a My Table Nashville blogger lunch at Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop. It was a fantastic event where I could enjoy delicious cupcakes and pies, courtesy of Buttermilk Sky! I was more than excited about the opportunity as pies are one of my favorite desserts.


When we arrive, we were greeted by the owner of Buttermilk Sky. She gave us a quick run-down on the history of this little gem in Nashville. Mutola Bryant founded Buttermilk Sky in 2006 after serving as a caterer. She started the bakery to bring her delicious treats to the public. In 2007, Buttermilk Sky opened its first store in Nashville, TN. We were then welcome into the quaint café and handed our menus.


Buttermilk Sky offers a variety of different selections for both sweet and savory pies. My little sister and I decided on various pies we wanted to try. Rushing right out of the café, we first decided on the Caramel Apple Pie and the Blueberry Cobbler.


As is typical with most bakeries, they serve hot coffee or tea, and I was certainly no exception.


Order a buttermilk sky pies online!

Let me tell you about the Caramel Apple Pie. The sweet-tart pie has golden raisins, apples, and caramel sauce drizzle. The flavors seemed to be perfectly crafted together. My sister and I agreed that this was our favorite. It was not the most significant slice of pie, but it packs a flavor punch!


The Blueberry Cobbler was also delicious. The crust was flaky, and the topping added a delightful twist to the traditional dessert. Buttermilk Sky serves a variety of desserts that can be order online!


My sister and I both decided upon the Strawberry Shortcake Pie. The combination of sweet, creamy pie is top with strawberries, whipped cream, and a strawberry drizzle. It is just as delicious as it looks! We loved every bit of this one.


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is an excellent place for a cupcake, dessert, or classic pie. They have a wide assortment of pastries, and the two I tried were fantastic. The price was reasonable, and they do offer catering services as well! Now you can enjoy your favorite sweet or savory creation in Nashville, TN, right at your home or office!


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop has three locations in Nashville.



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