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A surprise attack on Hawaii by China and Russia?

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As the world’s eyes turn to North Korea’s nuclear weapons, Japan is warning that Russia and China are preparing to launch an attack on Hawaii. This would trigger a U.S.-led war with Russia and China as neighboring countries, according to Vice News. If these two allies launched a surprise attack on Hawaii, then it would appear as if Biden was right in his assessment that it would be easier for the U.S.
It was a morning and it wasn’t suppose to happen. But to the world’s horror, it happened. A surprise attack on Hawaii by China and Russia took place, resulting in catastrophic destruction of America’s protection from the Pacific. Planes were shot down, buildings were destroy, people were kill – but destruction was not all that came with this surprise attack.

A message had been left for the US government: ‘This is your last warning’.

Just two weeks ago US Raptor Fighter Jets had to take off to control a Russian exercise in the waters close to the US Pacific State of Hawaii.

“We have to show the deterrence towards China, and not just China but also the Russians. Because, as I told you, that they are doing their exercises together,”. Japanese deputy Minister of Defense Yasuhide Nakayama told the Hudson Institute this week.

He explained:

“If you look at the news from a Russian report, the news from the Russian military. They are actually exercising now right in front of Honolulu. And there are nuclear submarines, battleships, and big airplanes. They are really exercising just right in front of the western part of Honolulu. I don’t want to remind 70 years ago Pearl Harbor was a distroy by surprise. We have to be careful of such military training missions by the Russians.

It’s no accident, the Russians selected the place, the western side of Honolulu, Hawaii. In Hawaii, there is the seventh US fleet and also PACOM is headquarter in Hawaii.”

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