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Putting Community First: How Timothy Franklin and FWM Designers LLC Are Making a Difference


As businesses prioritize profits over people, FWM Designers LLC is leading the charge in promoting community first. Timothy Franklin, the founder of FWM Designers LLC, had the vision to create a movement that would promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and philanthropy as a single system to make communities better places.

The company’s mission is to reduce the reliance on government systems for community welfare by promoting collaboration on a large scale. They have developed systems that are designed to benefit everyone involved, from consumers to non-profit and for-profit entities. FWM Designers LLC seeks to establish a precedence of businesses and communities taking ownership of their communal welfare through their programs while promoting living wages as a minimal hiring practice.

What sets FWM Designers LLC apart is its goal to create more benefits for non-profit organizations than themselves. They are a for-profit business, but its focus is on creating an ecosystem that benefits the community as a whole. As they continue to scale, their goal is to reduce the cost to consumers on their daily purchases by 10%, reduce nonprofit operating expenses (excluding payroll) by up to 100%, and increase nonprofit operating capital annually by 400% or more.

The systems that FWM Designers LLC has put in place are explicitly designed to benefit everyone involved. They offer programs to reduce operating expenses for non-profit and for-profit entities, increase revenues while reducing costs to the consumer, and reduce operating expenses for for-profit organizations while increasing their net revenues substantially.

FWM Designers LLC’s targeted audience is consumers, non-profits, and businesses throughout North America. They want to create an ecosystem that seeks to benefit others more than self-benefit. By placing the community first, FWM Designers LLC is making a significant impact on public welfare. They are excited to help communities recover from the pandemic and endure the current recession.

In conclusion, FWM Designers LLC is a force to be reckoned with. They have created a movement that focuses on community first, and they are here to serve the community as a whole. If you want to see their systems applied in your community, reach out and schedule a call with one of their representatives or refer them to your favorite businesses or non-profits in your community.

Learn more about FWM Designer LLC by visiting their website.

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