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GRAVEL: Rocking the Charts and Conquering the Stage


Colorado-based hard rock band GRAVEL has been making waves in the music industry with their electrifying sound and captivating performances. From topping the charts to touring with renowned acts, GRAVEL is leaving their mark on the rock scene. 

One of GRAVEL’s notable achievements is their single “All I Want” reaching #39 on the SMR Top 50 Mainstream/Active Rock Chart. Surpassing other well-known acts like SAVING ABEL, SKILLET, SEVENDUST, and The SMASHING PUMPKINS, GRAVEL’s energetic anthem is capturing the hearts of rock enthusiasts. Additionally, the band is currently on tour with Texas Hippie Coalition, who is also charting at #24 with their single “Hell Hounds.” 

Signed to Stryker Records, GRAVEL released their debut album titled Let’s Do This, produced by Saving Abel bassist Scott Wilson at Sunshine Studios. The album, released on September 23, 2022, showcases GRAVEL’s fuel-injected take on rock ‘n roll and can be heard on popular platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music. In an exciting collaboration, the band will be releasing a series of singles from the album through Ingrooves, a company owned by Universal Music Group, reaching listeners worldwide. 

Comprised of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Troy Kammerdiener, lead guitarist Joseph Vallejos, bass guitarist Patrick Haling, and drummer Philippe Franco, GRAVEL delivers a hard-hitting, aggressive rock ‘n roll experience. Their performances go beyond just music, incorporating visual elements that enhance the live experience. Known for their memorable riffs, shredding leads, and attention-grabbing hooks, GRAVEL captivates audiences and leaves them craving more. 

GRAVEL’s impact extends beyond the studio and stage. They have toured extensively with renowned acts like Slipknot, Hollywood Vampires, Alice in Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, and many more. Sharing the stage with fan favorites such as Bullet for My Valentine, Skillet, Queensryche, and In This Moment, GRAVEL has solidified their presence in the rock community. 

The band’s touring schedule is packed with exciting events, including performances at US Biker Rallies like Sturgis, Crater Rally, and Farmington NM Hawg Fest. They have also secured spots at Thunder Rally in New York and Thunder In The Rockies in Colorado for 2022. With each performance, GRAVEL continues to connect with their fans and spread their music to new audiences. 

As GRAVEL releases Let’s Do This, their debut album, they mark another milestone in their journey. With their unwavering commitment to their craft and their powerful presence on stage, GRAVEL is carving a name for themselves in rock history. As they continue headlining shows and conquering national stages, GRAVEL proves to be an unstoppable force in the world of rock music. Get ready to rock out with GRAVEL and experience the exhilarating power of their music. 

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