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InnerScope’s Over-the-Counter Direct-to-Consumer Model Making Hearing Aids Accessible for All

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Hearing loss is a common health problem affecting millions of Americans annually. Unfortunately, the high cost of hearing aids makes it difficult for many people to afford them, leaving them with impaired hearing and potentially leading to other health issues. Fortunately, InnerScope Hearing Technologies is changing the game by providing affordable, high-quality hearing aids that can be purchased online or in-store.

According to a Hearing Loss Association of America report, approximately 48 million Americans experience hearing loss. Only 14% of people with hearing problems use hearing aids. One of the biggest reasons for this low adoption rate is the cost of hearing aids. A single hearing aid can range from $1,000 to $6,000, not including additional expenses such as hearing tests, follow-ups, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals. Many insurance policies don’t cover these costs, leaving many people unable to afford the hearing aids they need.

The traditional hearing aid market model requires consumers to get hearing aids from a doctor or specialist, creating a significant barrier to competition and making hearing aids extremely expensive. The four largest hearing aid manufacturers control 84% of the global market, making it difficult for new companies to enter and offer more affordable options.

InnerScope Hearing Technologies is a company that is changing the game by providing affordable, over-the-counter high-quality hearing aids that consumers can purchase directly online or in-store without a prescription or having to be seen by a hearing professional. In addition, the company has disrupted the traditional hearing aid market model by shifting hearing care out of clinics and making it accessible to everyone.

InnerScope’s CEO, Matthew Moore, has explained that the company’s marketing strategy is centered around helping people get the hearing aids they need at a fraction of the cost of those sold by the major competitors. InnerScope allows people with limited budgets to buy high-quality hearing aids directly for as little as $44 per month. 

The company has also launched its hearing aids and related products on FSAstore.com, HSAstore.com, and WellDeservedHealth.com, making it easier for people enrolled in flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, and employers’ health incentive programs to purchase hearing aids.

InnerScope offers over-the-counter, FDA-registered, Bluetooth app-controlled, medical-grade hearing technology through its dedicated online stores, iHEARdirect.com and HearingAssist.com, and multiple wholesale and retail partnerships. The company’s product line includes:

  • Rechargeable full-streaming.
  • Bluetooth app-controlled hearing aid devices.
  • Cleaning supplies and ear care products, and batteries.

All hearing aids are FDA-registered, over-the-counter medical-grade devices and include professional remote programming and support services with one of InnerScope’s licensed hearing professionals.

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The company’s innovative point-of-sale Hearing Screening Kiosks in large retail chains and pharmacy chains also make it easier for people to get their hearing tested and purchase hearing aids directly in-store. This new model of hearing care is disrupting the traditional market and making it easier for people to access the hearing aids they need to improve their quality of life.

InnerScope’s mission is to empower consumers to take control of their hearing care and to deliver the same level and quality of hearing technology and professional support to customers from their homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. The company aims to make hearing aids accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

In addition to its innovative approach to the hearing aid market, InnerScope is committed to providing excellent customer service and support. The company’s Doctor of Audiology and licensed hearing professionals can give customers remote programming and support services, ensuring they receive the best care and attention. Millions of Americans already feel the impact of InnerScope’s disruptive approach to the hearing aid market.

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