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MC Luna Trine Shines in the Creative Industry with an Unwavering Artist’s Soul and Passion


The numerous facets of creativity can manifest in a variety of mediums. Art itself is not bound by any rules. No matter the form of expression, an artist’s soul can always bleed through. MC Luna Trine is a talented creative who has dipped his toes in a variety of industries, gaining a relatively strong start at honing his craft since the early days of his childhood.

MC Luna Trine initially started expressing his artistry at a very early age. His passion for drawing and painting began when he was a child and carried over his artistic prowess into his high school days. Once he was in college, he delved into photography and videography out of passion. He eventually discovered that he had a natural talent for the art form, bringing him to the heart of the bustling photography scene of his hometown New York City.

The New York City native, MC Luna Trine, would become a well-known photographer for many models around the city, landing him countless opportunities to shoot at fashion shows, events, and many more. As he consistently built a name for himself, he would meet music artists who introduced him to the music industry, taking him to places such as Quad Music Studio, concerts, and music video sets.

As much as MC Luna Trine enjoyed being behind the camera to create for others, he realized that he also wanted to be in the spotlight crafting music on his own. Thus, he went to the music studio and made his debut single, “Aura For Me.” The song is all about connecting to another person based on their aura and energy.

With an insatiable passion for creating, MC Luna Trine quickly went to work to create his next song, “Come With Me To The Moon.” Aside from his many talents, MC Luna Trine actually put himself on the map by being a travel vlogger. With his new-found passion for music making, he now seamlessly blends his love for travel and music by expressing his stories through song.

MC Luna Trine is a genuinely creative individual who sees the potential in everyone, no matter where they may be in their artistic journey. “I try my best to be authentic and honest. I do my best to set aside my ego and feel as though everyone is the same. When I was a photographer, I could do a shoot with a well-known celebrity and in a few hours after meet up with a person who is starting off their journey in the creative field and treat them the same way with respect,” explained MC Luna Trine. 

Over the years, MC Luna Trine has become an inspiring artist in his own right. He hopes that his art and creativity will motivate others to pursue their artistic dreams, much like he has. “I love to help and inspire others and give people advice. I am open to creating with other people, no matter their level of skills. I love to work with and create with other people. I am open to trying new creative ideas and taking advice from others.”


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