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Real Life Trading Introduces Funded Trading Accounts


Ever wondered what you could do with $50,000, $100,000 or $200,000 to invest? One stock market education website, Real Life Trading, is turning that hypothetical into a reality for day traders who have ambition and discipline, but lack the capital to invest. In association with online brokerage Eightcap, Real Life Trading is rolling out a tiered “funded account” program stating “if you have internet, you have income,” which might be the most exciting release for retail traders in generations. 

Funded accounts are brokerage accounts that trade with other people’s money (OPM), but also follow a set of rules laid out by the funders. They allow retail (i.e., individual) investors access to leverage of as much as 100:1 without the risk that taking out a loan or trading on margins would entail. “This helps profitable traders scale their gains, as well as their lifestyle,” observes Real Life Trading’s CEO Jerremy Alexander Newsome. “We estimate this opportunity could give them about a 10-year quantum leap on their wealth-building goals.”

Newsome says that his program offers a number of unique positives for prospective and existing retail traders. First, there is a one-time “audition” fee of 1%, but no interest payments or monthly fees thereafter. Once prospects pass a virtual trading test by achieving a 10% return within the company’s risk parameters, the account goes “live” with a balance as low as $50,000 and as high as $200,000, depending on the risk fee paid. 

“For just $1,000, we give access to $100,000 in funded capital for those who prove to us they are ready, willing, committed, and able to follow our strategies and guidelines that we teach free of charge,” Newsome says. “Funds are able to be withdrawn once a month, with payments sent via wire, paypal, venmo, coinbase, or whatever someone might request.” 

The goal for traders is to use the program to generate 4-6% a month of the leveraged capital for an extreme cashflow generation. 

The program requires every trader to enter both a stop-loss and a profit target on every trade, setting an automated trading range and reducing what Newsome calls the “open-ended decisions that can come later out of fear.” Daily losses are capped at 4% and trades must be closed out before 3:45 p.m. every Friday. 

Newsome, an experienced day trader, is allowing his protégés to place swing trades, but says it’s just not worth risking an entire weekend with an open position: “A lot can happen in two days.” Because they are inherently leveraged, options are not tradable within Real Life Trading’s funded accounts, however, anyone in the world can go long crypto and short crypto. This is a major win for those in the US. 

Real Life Trading also offers live trading rooms, group mentoring, and online courses. However, Newsome says that traders should learn a great deal trading the funded account because it teaches his principles and enforces an essential skill: discipline. 

“With a funded account, traders who have an inconsistent strategy will be able to see the inconsistencies of that strategy,” added Matt DeLong, CTO of Real Life Trading. “Even if they get disqualified during the audition phase, their maximum loss is the one-time price of the audition account, rather than all of their funds.”

In other words, the audition itself may be worth the risk fee, even if beginning traders don’t move on to the next level right away. This is because it allows traders to see how their own strategies would have fared while only risking a small amount of real money. 

Of course, the ultimate goal of Real Life Trading’s funded accounts is to create massive financial opportunities for anyone in the world who would love a chance at additional capital for their trading career. 

Funded accounts are an ideal option for traders who have already made beginner’s mistakes, and who are willing to learn a successful program. Newsome says with the right understanding, knowledge, and mindset, having access to this opportunity is truly life-changing. 

“Imagine high schoolers, or those attending universities across the world being given access to $100,000 of trading capital, where a 5% return per month would be a $5,000 gain monthly,” said Newsome. “Our goal is to partner with communities, schools, governments, states, and countries giving everyone a glimpse into a career they never thought possible.”


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