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Revolutionizing Immune Support: IPF Immune® by Virogentics – Your Path to a Healthier Life

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, there’s an ever-growing need to fortify our bodies against infections, ensuring optimum health and vitality. Enter Virogentics and their groundbreaking product: IPF Immune®.

IPF Immune® is not just another dietary supplement. It’s a potent elixir designed to enhance the immune system’s capacity, making it formidable against infections. Rooted in nature and vigorously tested for safety, this supplement has shown remarkable results. Notably, while IPF Immune® has mirrored the benefits of well-known drugs like Acyclovir (used for Herpes treatment) and Tamiflu (utilized against Influenza), it does so without the substantial toxicity that these therapies manifest. In fact, these therapies are 35 times more toxic compared to IPF Immune®.

Registered under NDI # 1083 and protected by Patent # 8,309,072, IPF Immune®’s uniqueness lies in its formulation – an Irreversibly Inactivated Pepsin fragment. This fragment is pivotal as an immune-enhancing supplement, setting IPF Immune® apart from any other product in the market.

Virogentics stands tall on its mission: “To empower everyone to live healthier by offering scientifically innovative products in nutrition.” What’s more, the innovation isn’t just a buzzword for the brand. IPF Immune® genuinely is revolutionary. The key ingredient, not found in any other dietary supplement, transforms the body’s immune response, gearing it up against various infections.

The power duo of Virogentics, Diana and Harry Zhabilov, brings a fusion of medical and scientific expertise.

Diana Zhabilov, the CEO, has a rich background in nursing with specialized knowledge in Pediatrics and Neonatology from Medical Academy Sofia, Bulgaria. With her extensive experience across diverse nursing realms, she’s been instrumental in the IPF Immune platform, channeling her expertise to bring this nutritional supplement to the fore.

On the other side, Harry Zhabilov, the CSO, is the scientific force of Virogentics. With a master’s from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia, Bulgaria, he has been at the helm of several research initiatives. From serving as Chief Scientific Officer for entities like GXP Biopharm and Viral Genetics to having hands-on experience in protein isolation and therapeutic proteins targeting HIV and cancer, Mr. Zhabilov’s vast knowledge is evident. As an inventor named in several U.S. patents, especially around immunotherapy and the IPF platform, he’s truly pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation.

In the world of immunity-boosting products, Virogentics, with IPF Immune®, is creating a new wave of holistic health solutions. For those seeking to “Boost Your Immunity, Boost Your Life”, this brand promises an unprecedented journey into optimized health.

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