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Viktar Haurylik’s Bringing Gymnastics Expertise to the US

Viktar Haurylik’s Bringing Gymnastics Expertise to the US
Photo Credited to: Viktar Haurylik


Viktar Haurylik is more than just an international gymnastics star. He’s also an inspirational coach helping shape the future of gymnastics in the US. Viktar’s journey reveals his commitment to both the sport and his impact on children in the US. 

Viktar’s early journey in gymnastics started in his home country of Belarus. He earned an associate’s degree in physical education from the Republican School of Olympic Reserve in Grodno, Belarus. This degree gave him the basic knowledge he needed to pursue his dreams. He continued training and quickly became a top gymnast in Belarus. He managed to win multiple championships and was eventually recognized as a Master of Sports in the USSR, showing his commitment to the sport.

His coaching career started during the 1996 Olympic Games. During the games, he improved his coaching skills by helping his teammates train. He also had several international coaching opportunities. For one, he worked in an international gymnastics program between Belarus and Germany. He also coached at the Ocelot Foundation in Poland. These opportunities gave him the chance to share his knowledge with others around the world. 

An interesting part of Viktar’s career came in 1999. This year, he joined a circus. He performed on the high bar in the show. He also created a new high-bar act he called “The Crows.” This act inspired other gymnasts by showing off his impressive skills. He became famous enough to work with several other famous circuses across continents. This gave him the chance to make himself well-known internationally.

After relocating to the US, Viktar decided to put his skills to good use by coaching in his area. Currently, he coaches at the Houston Gymnastics Academy. He teaches his students that gymnastics can help people grow both physically and mentally. He believes gymnastics is more than just a sport – it’s a way to learn discipline, express yourself, and live a healthy lifestyle. 

By coaching in Houston, he’s working to help kids stay healthy and reduce rates of childhood obesity. He gives each of his students all of the attention they need to improve and prepare for big competitions. 

In the future, Viktar plans to open his own gymnastics gym in the US to teach his expertise to even more students. This gym will help bring new gymnasts to the sport, create jobs in the region, and ultimately contribute to the economy through sports and culture. Though it may sometimes seem like a small job, it certainly makes a significant impact. 

Viktar’s journey from a gymnast in Belarus to a coach in the US is one filled with hard work and incredible success. His bright plans for the future make him a prominent name to follow in the country as he works to improve the US’s teams. His story serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams in gymnastics.

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