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Tips for Garage Improvement Month

Tips for Garage Improvement Month
Photo Courtesy: Garage Living


By: Joshua Finley

Improving your garage can be a rewarding project that enhances the value of your home and creates a more functional and enjoyable space. Garage Improvement Month is the perfect time to tackle this often-overlooked area of your house. Here are five tips to help you maximize your garage transformation.

Declutter and organize

First, declutter and organize your space. The garage often becomes a catch-all for items that don’t have a designated spot in the house. Start by sorting through everything in your garage and deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away. Invest in storage solutions like shelving units, pegboards, and cabinets to organize your tools, sports equipment, and other items. Clear plastic bins are particularly useful because they allow you to see what’s inside without opening them. Labeling bins and shelves can further enhance your organizational system, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Upgrade your garage flooring

Second, consider upgrading your flooring. The standard concrete garage floor can be cold, stained, and uninviting. An upgrade to epoxy flooring can transform the look and feel of your garage. Epoxy is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to chemicals and stains. It also comes in various colors and finishes, allowing you to customize the look to match your style. 

“If you’re only doing one thing to improve your garage, the garage floor is the one part of the garage that keeps it a dirty space most of the time,” said Aaron Cash of Garage Living. “Floortex® polyaspartic floor coatings is a UV stable, chemical resistant material with better adhesion and an element of elasticity that provides a strong bond to the concrete vs. the average epoxy.”

Another option is interlocking floor tiles, which are easy to install and add comfort and insulation to your garage.

Improve lighting

Third, improve your garage lighting. Some garages have a single dim light bulb, and others use fluorescent lights. Older lighting makes it difficult to see and work in the space. Upgrading to brighter, energy-efficient LED lighting can make a significant difference. For convenience, consider installing overhead lights, task lighting for workbenches, and motion-sensor lights near the entrance. Good lighting makes your garage more functional and enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents.

Add a workbench

Tips for Garage Improvement Month
Photo Courtesy: Garage Living

Fourth, enhance your garage’s functionality with a workbench or workstation. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a hobbyist, or simply need a space to tackle household projects, a dedicated work area can be incredibly beneficial. Choose a sturdy workbench with plenty of surface area and storage options for your tools and supplies. You can even build your custom workbench to fit your specific needs. A slatwall or a pegboard above the workbench can help keep your tools organized and within easy reach. Consider adding a small seating area if you spend much time working in your garage.

Create a useful space

Finally, don’t overlook the potential to create a multi-purpose space. Garages are no longer just for storing cars and tools; they can be transformed into workout areas, playrooms, or even home offices. Think about maximizing the use of your garage based on your lifestyle and needs. For example, installing gym equipment can turn your garage into a convenient home gym. Adding insulation and climate control can make it a comfortable space year-round for various activities. If you need extra living space, consider converting part of your garage into a guest room or home office. The possibilities are endless, and you can create a space that serves multiple functions with some creativity.

Professional garage remodeling and makeover companies offer valuable services for those needing professional assistance with their garage improvement projects. National franchisor Garage Living has several Texas locations, including in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. A professional garage improvement company can provide expert solutions for organizing, flooring, cabinetry, and more. They can help you design and implement a customized plan to transform your garage into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space. They specialize in garage flooring. They also offer franchise opportunities for those looking to take their love of garages to the next level.

By taking these steps during Garage Improvement Month, you can significantly enhance the usability and appearance of your garage. Start with decluttering and organizing, upgrade the flooring, improve the lighting, add a functional workbench, and consider creating a multi-purpose space. Each of these tips will contribute to a garage that meets your storage needs and becomes an enjoyable part of your home. Whether you do it yourself or seek professional help, the results will be well worth the effort, turning your garage into a space you can be proud of.


Published By: Aize Perez

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