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Top Internships for High School Students in Texas


Navigating the vast ocean of opportunities as a high school student seeking enriching summer experiences can be overwhelming. The season of internships is upon us, and the quest for securing a spot in the right program requires some astute planning and timely action. Many avenues are open for exploration, particularly in the Lone Star State. The key is to match one’s aptitude, interest, and career aspirations with the right program. Let’s take a journey through some of the most promising internships in Texas, as suggested by high school counselors. 

  1. StandOut Connect
    StandOut Connect, a remote program backed by The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Innovation, is widely recognized as a career springboard for high school students. This remote program transcends geographical boundaries to offer paid internships in diverse areas of interest. It provides the flexibility of working from home while enabling students to delve into real-world work scenarios, thus bridging the gap between academics and the professional world. 
  2. Family Service Paid Summer Internship Program
    Geared towards nurturing young minds in San Antonio, the Family Service Paid Summer Internship Program is an excellent avenue for students during their middle and high school years. This program promotes paid, part-time internships that provide students with a source of income and pave the path for career exploration. Its focus on facilitating career opportunities and goal setting holds immense potential for students interested in taking an early leap into their professional journey. 
  3. MD Anderson Cancer Center High School Summer Program
    For those high school students whose passion lies in healthcare, the MD Anderson Cancer Center High School Summer Program offers an invaluable platform. This curriculum introduces students to the wide and exciting field of Allied Health occupations. In addition, the program, which is based in Houston, gives students an immersion experience in a dynamic research setting, preparing them for a future job in healthcare. 
  4. C.T. Bauer College of Business Summer Institutes for High School Students
    Finance, in its myriad forms, has always been a fascinating area for many high school students. The C.T. Bauer College of Business Summer Institutes for High School Students can help catalyze their aspirations. The Financial Empowerment Institute, part of the Summer Institutes, offers profound insights into the world of finance. Taught by experienced finance professors, students, and professionals, this program sheds light on critical aspects of personal financial planning, including money management, budgeting, and goal setting. 
  5. NASA Internships
    For individuals who aspire to aim for the stars, NASA’s Internship program offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These internships are for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who want to work in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

    There are both full-time and part-time possibilities available, making it a highly sought-after program for students who enjoy discovery and invention.

As we near the end of our tour through these programs, it becomes clear that the panorama of opportunities available to Texas high school students is wide and diverse. Internships in business, healthcare, STEM, and social services provide a mix of learning and professional experience. It’s an exciting moment to be a high school student in Texas, a state that provides the resources and possibilities to make aspirations a reality. 

Remember, the key to choosing the right internship lies in matching your aspirations with a suitable program. Choose wisely, and the experience can be a transformative one that can shape your future career path. 

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