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Tour Dates for The Weeknd Pushed Back


Source: NME

When the pandemic spread across the globe last year, many industries had to adjust to protocols, forcing some businesses to close shop while entertainers like musicians had to hold off on tours. After a year, the concert industry was finally revived, giving artists the chance to perform for their fans. The Weeknd, who was initially set to go on tour in the middle of last year, has had to reschedule. When news of his “After Hours” tour started to circulate, fans were once again ecstatic to experience the thrill of blinding lights again. However, the “Hills” artist has announced his decision to reschedule his tour to next year.

Although he had been making music in 2010, The Weeknd (whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) rose to prominence in the mid 2010s following a string of hits like “The Hills,” “Often,” and “Earned It,” which was featured in the 50 Shades of Gray official soundtrack. Since then, he has won countless awards and become a leader in the contemporary music scene. Recognizable for his palm tree dreadlocks, The Weeknd would later abandon his trademark hair. Despite the change, the “Hills” artist remained consistent in his music development.

The Grammy-winning artist first returned to the grand stage earlier this year at the Super Bowl and started releasing new tracks in the following months after releasing his After Hours album in 2020. Although he initially had a tour coming up that would have taken him gracing the stage throughout the United States, The Weeknd bumped his tour to the summer of 2022, expanding on a global tour to include Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. 

Although The Weeknd didn’t elaborate on his decision, the reschedule can be pinned down to the current situation of the pandemic as safety precautions in the United States continue to be shaky. With inconsistency in the social-distancing protocol, it can be challenging to hold arena tours, especially as music festivals and other events are getting organized. The Weeknd changing the tour dates is not only a show of concern for the safety of his audience but also allows him to prepare a bigger presentation for them. With the tour set for next year, he hopes that the open air can alleviate concerns regarding mass gatherings. 

“The ‘After Hours’ tour dates are moving and will commence in the Summer of 2022 due to constraints of arenas and the desire to do something bigger and special for fans that will require stadiums,” the artist stated on his social media pages. “New dates forthcoming. Current tickets will be refunded automatically and all ticketholders will be given priority to buy tickets for the stadium shows when they go on sale.”

Recently, The Weeknd officially changed his 2022 tour’s name to “After Hours ‘Til Dawn” on his Instagram page. Fans have speculated that the change is a reflection of the theme and teases his upcoming new album, something he has been hinting this year. They were treated to a new single titled “Take My Breath” in August, fueling fans’ excitement and anticipation. 

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